FAW is an independent online bookshop based in Spain. A vintage bookstore project specialized in out of print publications, collectible books and printed stuff, singular and hard to find. Photobooks, fanzines, magazines and other ephemeral objects. 

FAW investigates a wide range of cultural expressions and that´s the essence FAW lives by. Promoting access to ideas and triggering the knowledge are vital to our project that celebrates art, fashion, cinema, design, architecture, music, ecology, counterculture and social movements.

FAW also believes in a sustainable future, that's why offers a great collection of hand-picked vintage books from all around the world that still, or more than ever, have the ability to continue inspiring. It´s time to spark a mentality of thoughtful consumption, buy consciously and choose wisely. 

We have an ever-changing catalog from the most relevant artists, designers... or completely unknown. Our eclectic selection displays rare and used books. There are new old books coming up all the time, many books come back, sometimes not ;), but our discoveries are constantly shared the same way it does our obsession for finding amazing vintage books for you.

FAW is an online store, but if you are in town and would like to visit our showroom or to pick up your order at our office, write us an email to visit@fawbooks.com and we will get back to you in order to make an appointment.

Likewise, we travel very often and so you can try to contact us to evaluate a possible hand-to-hand delivery of your order. We generally schedule appointments in Madrid, Paris, London... at least several times a year.

                                                                               · · · If you are interested in offering items for sale, we would like to hear from you.