BUTT #20, Gert Jonkers & Jop van Bennekom
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Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom. Special summer 2007 issue. Softcover. 78 pages. 24 x 17 cm. Texts in English. Used. VG (as shown) BUTT the fantastic magazine for homosexuals.The desirable pink magazine. So hot, so exciting!  This issue includes Jeff Burton and Gore Vidal by Gert Jonkers, Hollywood by pvtdncr, BUTTSTUFF one LA sex story... and sexy vintage image for the cover which one they found in a trip to California and used in the debut issue of their magazine Fantastic Man ;) and that they used again here because they come back to LA, had chill conversations, took some pictures, relaxed with newfound friend, and that lovely image was perfect too for this special summer issue. We have other issues at various prices. Email here want@fawbooks.com to enquire about them.