EMERGENCE, Cynthia Macadams
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Chelsea House, 1977. Hardcover. 120 pages. 28 x 25 cm. Text in English. Used. VG · Dust jacket has general shelf wear and small tears (as shown) Each woman photographed in this brilliant book has a particular viewpoint and reaction to life that manifests itself in her body. Each one has a strong radiation of light, emanates positivity and strength.  Some of them are unknown. Some, everybody knows. But all  are amazing women and this book is the most amazing book of feminist portraits of "second-wave" that exists! Looking at these portraits nourish us and help us to understand ourself. 1977 hardcover edition, introduction by Kate Millett, with a Poem by Diane di Primavery. Scarce and prized book! [Orders of value equal or above 260€, like this book, have higher calculated shipping to be sent only by recorded, fully insured courier]