Femmes à Géometrie Variable, Frank Rheinboldt
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Filipacchi, 1983. Hardcover. 96 pages. 22 x 28. cm. Text in French. Used. VG · Dust jacket shows minor signs of wear at corners (as shown).  First thing you see. That cover! What about it? <3 We hadn’t had another copy in a while, but it has surprised us once again! Femmes à Géométrie Variable is sensual and so suggestive. We love Frank Rheinboldt's framing, the color treatment and how beautiful the female body shows. It is difficult to choose a photograph, we like them all! The series of women in bikini is amazing or where fabrics are the real protagonists.His photographs have some fetishism and a lot of obsession. Pictures are so provocative that make of this photobook a wonder.Do you know? How good this is? You are about to find out here. So, follow the yellow line to the 'add to cart' button ;)