The Gentlemen's Clubs of London, N/A
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Macdonald and Jane´s Publishers Ltd, 1979. Hardcover. 296 pages. 32 x 23 cm. Text in English. Used. VG · Shows minor signs of wear. The club, a refuge outside the world. All the clubs, all the secrets, all the rules. London is the mother city of clubs. Clubs which were designed to suit the life-style of the English gentleman; clubs which have played a significant role in the social and political history of Britain. A complete visual journey through the club life and how to be a genuine clubman. It deals with nearly 50 clubs, more than 400 specially commissioned photographs observe, with a quizzical eye, grand vistas and quaint details. The book documented many clubs of this old world that were about to disappear, and it celebrates an arcane tradition which is very much alive. For those who have never stepped inside a Club, there will be many revelations! For clubmen themselves, this is a volume to treasure!