Undergroud travels on the global metro, Marco Pesaresi
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Aperture, 1998. Hardcover. 130 pages. 25 x 29,5 cm. Text in English. Used. VG · Minor signs of wear at dustjacket's corners. By Marco Pesaresi and introduction by Francis Ford Coppola.  Amazing journey through ten subways: New York, Paris, Milan, Moscow, Berlin, Madrid, London, Tokyo, Mexico city and Calcutta. Pesaresi take us on a wild, underground ride, with photographs of subway commuters from ten cities around the world. In the grind of the daily commute, he finds drama, irony, cultural differences, and an universal sense of anticipation. The images speed along as quickly as the trains themselves with complementary texts about each city' subway. If it's all about subway take a look here and here ;)