a. somebody, strijen, holland, Anton Corbijn
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Schirmer Mosel, 2002. Hardcover. 84 pp. with golden edge. 26 x 36 cm. Text in English and German. VG+. A book somewhat different from portrait photography books. Embark on a visual journey through the enigmatic world of Anton Corbjin's photography with'a. somebody, strijen, holland'. In it you'll discover why Corbijn's work stands out among photography books, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it. This project 'a. somebody, strijen, holland' has a strong relationship with the juvenile obsession of Corbjin for what was the world outside the small town of Strijen as well as his own impact on the external society. This work reveals the power of the photographer to define a musical star. The Dutch photographer and filmmaker, he has captured himself like some of the most relevant rock icons and artists. A title which could be inside music photography books and art books.