a. somebody, strijen, holland, Anton Corbijn
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Schirmer Mosel, 2002. Hardcover. 84 pages with golden edge. 26 x 36 cm. Text in English and German. VG+. This project 'a. somebody, strijen, holland' has a strong relationship with the juvenile obsession of Corbijn for what was the world outside the small town of Strijen as well as his own impact on the external society.  This work sreveals the power of the photographer to define a musical star, as Corbijn; the Dutch photographer and filmmaker, has captured some of the most relevant rock icons and artists. All photos of this book were taken in his village, Strijen, where he plays with the camera on himself interpreting 21 stars and the idea of how it might had been taken the pictures if those artists had visited his village. This is nothing more than an excuse to investigate his origins and education in a small and narrow-minded village and to explore his complex relationship with the creation of celebrities.