Art of the Sixties, N/A
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Köln, 1971. Fifth revised edition. Softcover. Unpaginated. 30 x 25. cm. Text in German and English. Used. VG+. Art publications, art books, books about art... this is something else. This is the best art book ever and ever. An iconic and gorgeous catalogue that contains art work from major Sixties artists, including Beuys, Caro, Hamilton, Lichtenstein, Oldenberg, Paolozzi, Rauschenberg, Stella, Twombly, Warhol, among others. With a wonderful design by Wolf Wostell. Soft cover with embossed flexible plastic covers and a hard acrylic spine, bound with stainless steel bolts. Multiple paper stocks and printing effects, brown fabric paper with color plates, printed transparent slipsheets with a portrait of each represented artist printed, fold-outs... Between the best coffee table books, better to talk about luxury coffee table books ;) And this is the fifth edition! The final edition, updated and expanded! An exceptionally and very well preserved copy for you.