Christiania, Mark Edwards
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Rowohlt, 1980. Softcover. 240 pages. 22,5 x 23,5. cm.Text in German. Used. VG · Minor signs of wear. A hippie utopia in the middle of Denmark’s Copenhagen that it was founded as a breakaway anarchist commune in 1971 located in a former military complex in the country's capital. A community that operates independently where highest authority is the community-meeting. Christiania’s self-management is built on, that every individual has a responsibility for his/her own life and his/hers home.In this amazing book you can see their house, their costumes, their jobs, their parties, in short their own laws, their own flag and their own way of life.Over the years, the social experiment developed into a self-contained society that, though it rejected state control, lived in tolerable harmony with the rest of the city. Christiania still exists but its existence is threatened like never before.Freetown Christiania, or just Christiania, was an unique place and this book show you that!