D.H. 1959-1977, David Hockney
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Peter W., 1978. Softcover. Unpaginated, circa 170 pages. 21 x 15 cm. Text in German. Used. VG · Binding in white linen slight grubby (as shown). A delicate and very special and rare book about an exhibition itinerant of drawings and etchings by the great artist. In this cute book two areas of Hockney's artistic work are presented: beautiful drawings made since 1960 and a survey of his graphic art, which includes etchings. His line-drawings, light and ethereal, the subtle spots of color, they make statements. His visual sensibility can be admired in this works. These drawings becomes the straightest line between his eye and his hand. In the preface Peter Weiermair says "Hockney is enigmatically innocent: he is at the same time naive and shrewd, frankly open and subtile, cosmopolitan and withdrawn, narcissistic and communicative, both ironical and playful, full of a carefree 'joie de vivre' which is rare in contemporary art" And, yes, we totally agree!