Diary, Corinne Day, Corinne Day
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Kruse Verlag, 2001. Hardcover, 116 pages. 29 x 23. cm. Text in English. Used. VG · Some light wear to covers, mainly in the form of surface scratching visible due to black cover and two black shine markings (As shown)  Corinne Day, a wonderful self taught photographer, whose style of 'dirty realism' was to become enormously influential within advertising in a generation of fashion and documentary image makers.. This poetic 'Diary' is a series of intimate portraits, a gritty and fragile autobiography of Corinne Day and her circle of friends, where her best friend Tara -a London commune dweller and fashion stylist- is a central figure. At times, Diary is bleak and despairing with uncompromising honesty, at others, it is joyful in its simple celebration of life, love and friendship. An honest document of contemporary youth with all their habits, desires, fears or hopes. Any sense of voyeurism is tempered by the fact that Day is always emotionally present in her photographs -visible or not- clearly shares in the lives of her subjects/friends. This astonishing book is ambiguous beauty, sometimes fresh and pretty, sometimes sad or wasted, always natural and uninhibited.  [Orders of value equal or above 250€, like this book, have higher calculated shipping to be sent only by recorded, fully insured courier]