Een maand, een jaar, een eeuw, Hanne Darboven
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Stedelijk, 1975. Softcover. 24 pages. 27,5 x 20,5 cm. Text in Dutch with an essay by Franz Meyer. Used. VG+. One Month, One Year, A Century: Works From 1968 To 1974 is a catalogue published in conjunction with the 1975 exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and features Darboven's working method for a systematic treatment of numbers, employing classifying grids and hand written equations and patterns. Hanne Darboven, known for her works that combine geometric drawings, numerical series, images and writings, is an artist that has delved into the languages of conceptual art and minimal art, which have opened new formal possibilities for expression in the second half of the century.  Personally we love her unsettling work and her instinctive impulse or desperate attempt to reduce the complexity of the world to diagrams, patterns, grid structures and narrative devices that want to make sense of what overwhelms her and search for her place in the world. A great artist to discover!