ARQUITECTURAS, Fernando Higueras
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COAM, 1997. Softcover. 62 pages. 24 x 21 cm. Text in Spanish. Used. VG+. "For me popular architecture was one of the main sources of learning, as there I found naturalness, appropriateness, order, function, logic, economy, trade, uniformity and variation that I cannot see in such perfect harmony in any of architectures of today’s architects", Fernando Higueras. Absolutely, Fernando Higueras is an essential Spanish architect, and definitely, one of our favorites! His books are very scarce, this one and this are of the best. In this catalogue you can enjoy of contact sheets of original photographs, plans, mockups... about of his most important projects: Pabellón Español Feria Internacional de N.Y., Hotel las Salinas de Lanzarote, Casa Higueras Madrid, Los Jardines del Mar de Marbella, Casa Lucio Muñoz Torrelodones, Centro de Restauraciones Madrid... His pieces are brilliant, and he was brilliant. However, his architectural legacy has lived in ignoring maybe because he was very outspoken, he always said what he thought, and his complex, genius-like and uneasy character led him to make enemies everywhere ;)