GA Pompidou Centre Beaubourg, Yukio Futagawa
A.D.A Edita Tokyo, 1977. Softcover with card wrap covers. 28 pp. 36,5 x 26 cm. Text in English and French. Used. VG. GA Magazine, Issue 44, focuses on the iconic Centre Georges Pompidou, a landmark of modern architecture. This architecture magazine, renowned for its detailed and insightful coverage, delves into the innovative design and cultural significance of the Pompidou Center. As a gem among vintage magazines, this issue captures the essence of architectural brilliance from a transformative era, offering readers a nostalgic glimpse into the creative minds behind one of Paris's most revolutionary structures. Published around the time of the opening, and is a great and huge book of the Pompidou Centre photographed brilliantly by Yukio Futagawa. Highly recommended!