Graphis Diagrams, Walter Herdeg
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The Graphis Press, 1976. Second edition. Hardcover. 183 pages. 25 x 25 cm. Text in English, German and French. Used. VG. Graphis Diagrams is an incredible book by Walter Herdeg, sure you know him by the books of 'Graphis Annual'. He had an interest in scientific side of graphic design and the graphic visualization of abstract data, and so it is full of awesome diagrams and graphics.  “The purpose of this book is to show the designer how abstract facts or functions which cannot be simply depicted like natural objects may be given visual expression by suitable graphic transformation”, Walter Herdeg. There're a lot of things to love about this book, its brilliant selection of cartographic diagrams, maps..., its contemporary cover, square format, and ok, we couldn’t resist including the data visualization that Peter Saville used on iconic cover of Joy Division's 1979 debut album Unknown Pleasures, which has become the image to represent the band and one of the most identifiable cover art of its age and beyond. Seriously, this is a rare book but its worth it!