In The Gutter, Val Hennessy
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Quartet Diversions, 1978. Softcover. 96 pages. 25,5 x 20,5 cm. Text in English. VG · Minor signs of wear. In the Gutter is an amazing book published in 1978, at the very heart of the Punk movement, it is a real-time account! The book drew on the iconic TV show "Punk and Acne Go Together” presented by Val Hennessy to describe the punk movement. So, the contemporary nature of the book  makes it unique! We think that its greatness and originality comes across in the content, especially the selection of photographs, the brilliant way that they are cleverly juxtaposed with the influence that they drew from. These double pages are amazing!, like the photo that focuses on face piercing and chains matched up with the shot of a warrior from New Guinea, there you can see how Punk drew on these traditional and ancient forms of body art from other cultures.  The book accurately portray the anger and energy that abounded at that time, clearly threatening and bewildering from the outside.