Mountain Ecstasy, Penny Slinger & Nik Douglas
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Dragon's Dream Ltd, 1978. Softcover. 158 pages. 29,5 x 21 cm. Used. VG · Slight wear and binding a little shaky -nothing serious-, price erased on first endpaper. An extraordinary book of erotic collages and vintage nude pics seasoned with poetry! And one of the most fascinating and daring art books! Penny Slinger said about this amazing work: 'I discovered Tantric Art at an exhibition at the Hayward gallery in the early 1970s. Several years later I was able to explore this in depth with my partner, Nik Douglas. I introduced him to the medium of collage and we created the series of collages that appear in Mountain Ecstasy as a celebration of the Tantric world (...) It was both healing and liberating as I embraced a whole new colorful palette and used nearly all ‘found images’ rather than photographs I had taken myself. The series represented a shift from the intensely personal to the trans-personal, seeing the self in everything. It involved the alchemy of pornography, for I used many images from my collection of erotica, redefining them in a Tantric context. We added poetry and quotations to compliment the images'