The Modern Utopia Communes U.S.A., Consuelo Sandoval & Richard Fairfield
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Alternatives Foundation, 1971. Limited edition of 5.000 copies. Softcover. 187 pages. 18 x 11 cm. Text in English. Used. VG · Show signs of wear, slightly yellowed or tanning due to age and some foxing at cover. 1971 first edition published by the Alternatives Foundation. A very complete "guide" about communal living. The authors driving around USA, a tour to investigate experimental communes, collectives, colonies, cooperatives.. from more conservative form -where families maintain their traditional structure, separate homes and jobs, though sharing land, recreational space and working a common garden- to most radical form - sharing housing, economics, child-rearing an d perhaps even sex in the form of an extended family. An hippie utopia across American landscape! (✿◠‿◠)