The T-Shirt Book, John Gordon & Alice Hiller
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Ebury Press, 1988. Hardcover. 95 pages. 23 x 23. cm. Text in English. Used. VG+. Find your new favorite book! This is the history of the t-shirt, from its lowly birth in 1933 as a humble undergarment to today's elevated position of high fashion essential. Over 300 stunning colour photographs immortalize the classic designs from every era. This is the t-shirt revolution!, an amazing documentary and fashion reference.  It includes everything about "couture cotton" ;). The perfect medium for the message, from tease shirts, music shirts, sporting shirts, to the propaganda wars... 'Frankie say' is also here ;). A book full of iconic shirts and great strangers. The undisputed sign of the tribe. If you lived it, wear it!