The Virgin Suicides No.1 Japanese Edition, Sofia Coppola & Corinne Day
Susanna Howe, 2000. Softcover. 47 pages. Text in Japanese. VG. A different point of view from inside story, the movie book, a sort of scrapbook of the movie of the book. This virgin suicides book Virgin offers a captivating glimpse into the ethereal world of the Lisbon sisters. Through evocative imagery this maga delves into the themes of innocence, beauty, and tragedy portrayed in Coppola's iconic film. Beautiful photo gallery by Corrine Day, costume illustrations, designs by Mike Mills and Mark Gonzales, and an interview of director Sofia Coppola also included. Plus many scenes shot outside the film. With its dreamlike aesthetics and thoughtful curation, this ephemera magazine serves as a poignant tribute to the enduring legacy of the Lisbon sisters and their impact on contemporary culture.