VOGUE PARIS par David Hockney, N/A
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Condé Nast, 1985/86. Softcover. 318 pp. 28 x 22,5 cm. Text in French. Used. VG · Shows minor signs of wear.  David Hockney is one of our all-time favorite painters in the world, and his issue for Vogue Paris is WONDERFUL. Real appeal cover with portrait of Cecilia Birtwell, Hocnkey’s muse and best friend. Hockney & Celia, a true classic artistic couple. Inside more than 40 pages of fantastic photo collages, paintings/drawings and writings contributed by Hockney, which have made unforgettable this vintage issue. One of the most special of Vogue! Dreamy interior design collages, chairs studies, cubist desk, a central poster with beautiful drawing, or the fragmented image of the hitchhiker in front of mythical sign Hollywood, as well as Hockney's white socks and slippers in the foreground. Could it be more contemporary? Plus: Guy Bourdin evening shoot and story by Sarah Moon. Whether you can only afford one purchase, for sure this magazine should be on your shelf ;)