AppleDesign, Paul Kunkel & Rick English

Graphis Inc. NY, 1997. Softcover. 288 pp. 31 x 25 cm. Text in English. Used. VG · Minor signs of wear. As one of the best design books available, this coffee table book celebrates the iconic aesthetics and groundbreaking innovations of Apple products. A comprehensive exploration of Apple's design philosophy and its impact on modern technology. It's a hefty tome that covers the history of Apple's design from the first Apple computer to the "latest" designs. But let me tell you, reading it is like taking a trip through a time machine that's powered by pure aesthetic pleasure. You start with the chunky, beige computers of the 1980s, with their floppy disk drives and rainbow-colored Apple logos. Then you move on to the sleek and stylish iMacs of the late 90s, with their translucent plastic and egg-shaped design. And finally, you arrive at the present day with the iPhone, a marvel of minimalist design that's practically a work of art. But it's not just the pictures that make this book so great. The book illustrates history of the company’s designs made and unmade in the first two decades. It's the stories behind the designs with a super Time Line that starts with "150 million years B.C dinosaurs roam the Earth" and ends with "150 million years latter dinosaurs roam the Earth" ;) Reading 'AppleDesign' is like getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the most innovative tech company in the world. So if you're a fan of beautiful design or just love all things Apple, this book is definitely worth adding to your collection. Just be warned: you might find yourself longing for a rainbow-colored iMac by the time you're done.