Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll, N/A
Loeb, 1985. Softcover. 96 pp. 30 x 24 cm. Text in English. Used. VG · Minor signs of wear. The ultimate nostalgic romp through the wild, untamed days when rock stars roamed the Earth like glamorous, leather-clad dinosaurs. This book is a treasure trove of vintage photographs capturing iconic moments: from guitar-smashing performances to after-parties that would make a circus look like a church picnic. Picture rock legends with hair bigger than their egos, living life with a reckless abandon that screams, "Who needs a liver anyway?" Whether you're reminiscing about the good old days or discovering the chaos for the first time, this book is your backstage pass to a time when the music was loud, the parties were louder, and the only rule was that there were no rules. And the cover, that wonderful and unique cover <3 So buckle up and enjoy it!