CITROËN DS ID 19 sur ballons, N/A
Atlas Editions, undated. 1:43 scale. With certificate of authenticity. Used. VG · Small tears in the original packaging and signs of use on the cardboard. What a find... the 1959 Citroën ID 19 sur Ballons 1:43 scale on plinth. Still unopened in its original shrink wrappers and with its certificate of authenticity!  This car was a unique version of the iconic French car that closely imagined of tomorrow. Its name refers to the large, distinctive tires that were specially developed for this model, a cutting-edge oleo-pneumatic suspension system.  Such a new sort of car demanded a new sort of introduction, and this was the amazing result :) Citroen opted for the avant garde and committed to the bit by turning the DS into an artwork with the marketing and made it float on a lake atop four large, red balloons. The 1959 installation was devised to play up the floating character of the D-Series’ unique suspension. Celebrating a further milestone, the display had its iconic white steering wheel and the pale paint finish of European Rally Championship winner Paul Coltelloni’s ID 19 rally car, 'Blonde Tortoiseshell'.