DROP CITY, Peter Rabbit
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The Olympia Press, 1971. Softcover. 163 pages. 18 x 11 cm. Text in English. Used. VG · Show minor signs of wear, slightly yellowed or tanning due to age and light ink stain on the edge of the book. Drop City was an intentional community in southern Colorado established in 1965 and abandoned in 1973. Although short lived, it was very influential and it's considered as one of the most famous and futuristic utopian communes of the late sixties, and the first rural hippie commune. This book tell us the story of the man to be free as well as living and working in community.  During its creative heyday between 1965-1969, their main artistic output took the form of buildings. Inspired by the geodesic design principles of Buckminster Fuller, the Drop City crew build geodesic domes from trashed automobile hoods and roofs, a kind of DIY version of Fuller's scientific and precise method. It was the first time that geodesic domes were used for domestic living as well as the early experiments with solar technology and recycled materials. Drop City, attracted international attention and inspired a generation of alternative communities, and that's the reason why Drop City occupies a place in the history of the US counter-cultural scene.