EROTIC Mini Movie, No.1 - No.4, N/A
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Taco, 1988. Unpaginated. 7,5 x 10,5 cm each one. Used. VG · Some spines shows light signs of wear. Here a few clichés made book! In Spain it used to be the gas bottle delivery man who came to visit you, but the plumber is also a fun option ^_^ A complete set of erotic flip books. Amazing mini books which create these erotic fantasies of movement when pages are flicked quickly.  Yes, we know, "slightly" sexist content. These books are a perfect sample of how closely sharp division of gender roles in our culture. The secret lies in beholding it in a funny regard, even knowing that's a paradox. We have already decided which are our two favorites. In first position the number 4, of course. You have to admit, it's a very hot and sexy sequence, with a perfect framing and styling. And in second position, the number 3, the striptease boy! That thong, that dance and that padded stage are it's driving us nuts. Price is for the four books.