Ettore Sottsass Formal Exercise No. 2, Ettore Sottsass
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Studio Forma & Alchimia collaborating, 1980. Softcover. Unpaginated, circa 56 pp. 31 x 22 cm. Text in Italian and English (leaf in Dutch). Used. VG · Foxing at top edges of the cover. Ettore Sottsass' Formal Exercise No. 2 is a testament to his innovative and boundary-pushing approach to design. This great self published artists’ book from Sottsass is a prime example of Sottsass' rebellion against traditional design norms. Full of sketches and photographs where we can see how his pieces challenges conventional aesthetics and functionality by incorporating unexpected elements, vibrant colors, and geometric shapes. Sottsass' legacy lives on through his willingness to experiment and explore the intersection of art and design -redefining the boundaries between the two-, and this book has the ability to spark conversations about the very essence of design itself.