EXIT · Teenage World, N/A
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EXIT, 2001-02. Softcover. 176 pages. 35,5 x 28 cm. Text in Spanish and English. Used. VG+ "Nobody wants to grow up. Nobody wants to abandon  the idea of beauty and freedom which that state known as adolescence appears to be, and which comes between childhood, with its total dependence on adults, and maturity, excessively burdened with commitments and obligations. It is an imprecise age with a number of ambiguous characteristics which vary between cultures, countries and epochs. Between the age of 12 and 18 we register the short-lived existence of adolescence. (...)" By Rosa Olivares Awesome special Teenage World issue. Includes all the greats: Tracey Moffatt, Rineke Dijkstra, Wolfgang Tillmans, Richard Prince, Gillian Wearing, Jouko Lehtola, Larry Clark, Miguel Trillo, Sally Mann...