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Xarait, 1987. Softcover. 171 pages. 25 x 23 cm. Text in Spanish. Used. VG · Cover shows some small signs of wear and little pen marks. Absolutely, Fernando Higueras is an essential Spanish architect, and definitely, one of our favorites! His pieces are brilliant, and he was brilliant. However, his architectural legacy has lived in ignoring maybe because he was very outspoken, he always said what he thought, and his complex, genius-like and uneasy character led him to make enemies everywhere. "This unfair valuation of Fernando Higueras and the lack of recognition of his work do not correspond at all with the superb legacy he has left to our society" in article written by Hidden Architecture. This scarce book, written by his couple Lola Botia, collects her most emblematic works (Hotel las Salinas, Lomas Marbella Club,Casa Fierro, Centro de Restauraciones, Casa Santonja...) Plans, mockups, drawings as well as lot of photographies. Until quite recently, the catalogue "Fernando Higueras. Desde el Origen", which has been published this year, this one was the only or one of the few, that took us a little closer to the creative and productive world of the master."For me popular architecture was one of the main sources of learning, as there I found naturalness, appropriateness, order, function, logic, economy, trade, uniformity and variation that I cannot see in such perfect harmony in any of architectures of today’s architects", Fernando Higueras.