Gibt es Sex nach dem Tode?, Rosa von Praunheim
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Prometh Verlag, 1981. Softcover. Unpaginated, circa 105 pages. 30,5 x 21 cm. Text in German. Used. VG · Shows minor signs of wear like small crease in a corner and dent to bottom left corner.Just in case you don't know him, Rosa von Praunheim (he took the artistic name of the pink triangle that homosexuals had to wear in Nazi concentration camps) is a prolific German film director and gay rights activist, became a cult figure in the early 70s. He was one of the initiators of the homosexual rights movement in Germany and an early advocate of AIDS awareness. A Queer Cinema and films focusing on LGBT+ issues pioneer, but he has been a controversial figure even within and out the gay community too. And this is the book about his film 'Death magazine: or how to be a flowerpot'. A film that was accompanied by a major scandal because the productor didn't want the audience to see it. The film and the book are a documentary about “Death” magazine, founded by “Screw” Magazine founder and publisher Al Goldstein, and its eventual failure. Images about death, the tabooed part of life, like to sex, because we try to ignore both. The book shows living death as an important part of our life.The photobook 'Gibt es Sex nach dem Tode?' Rosa brings death to life: trivial, banal, disrespectful, undignified, serious, sexy, happy and punk. From different supports we can meet face-to-face with the dead and all the clichés of the television and newspeper feature are gathered: interviews, statements, archive material, reportage with accidental deaths, mountains of corps from the concentration camp, executions, impaled heads, traffic fatalities...A raw and different book with a great use of colour in this collage design!