IDOLS, Gilles Larrain
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Links, 1973. Softcover. Unpaginated, circa 62 pages. 31,5 x 23,5 cm. Text in English Used. VG · Minor shelfwear. These arresting photographs, these beautiful characters. And, under the glitter and the pose, you will see people and their stories, people fascinating enough to be photographed. Trannies, gender-benders, drag queens... and New York City, like Warhol people, Taylor Mead and Holly Woodlawn, and The Cockettes members, like Goldie Glitters, San Francisco avant garde psychedelic drag-queen performance/theater group, and many more.  Theatrical portraits of people living out their fantasies in this book, posing in its pages the disturbing challenge, "Who do you think you are?" It’s almost certain that these souls will inspire you to ask about yourself and your sexuality. Gilles said about this shoot "There was no formula; it was pure improvisation. (...) There was no direction. There was no intent to be specifically fashiony. It was purely divertissement, in the French sense—to have fun, create fun, and live fun. To enjoy the moment. Louis XV was great at that (...) It was then that fashion began to move and be created. The culture of fashion comes from that time" And also that back cover so cool!