Levi Strauss History, N/A
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Minerva, 1992. Hardcover. 96 pages. 32,5 x 24 cm. Text in English. Used. VG · Small bump in a corner. Levi's jeans with their legendary aura by the cowboy's image -the second generation of jeans wearers- and a free and easy lifestyle became the magical product. Then the motorbikes came, from galloping horses to the roar of powerful motorbikes -the unfailing symbols of freedom- and the myth grew.  Young people everywhere dreamed of the better world, peace, love, freedom... symbolized for many by a pair of Levi's jeans. It's a good documentary about the company: the story, the factories, the design and process, the logos, the age of embroidering and ornaments, legendary figures wore jeans, women in jeans... and its point of view and revolutionary advertising campaigns which were a completely new communication strategy at that time. People flung themselves into life with a passion and, in a fast-changing world, jeans retained performance of a myth.