Paris Sexy, Grace Ahlbom
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Self-published, 2017. First Edition of 50 copies, numbered. Postcards in Box. 13.5 x 11 cm. Used. VG · Minor signs of wear on the box. Paris Sexy, a postcard set, is an intimate work by New York multidisciplinary artist and photographer Grace Ahlbom. She tripped over to London and Paris to explore the male adolescence and carry out her project, which was exhibited for the first time in 2016 at To_____Bridges_____ in the Bronx (New York). Into the black box with the embossed title, there are many subjects, timeless boy, youth culture, gender identity... Her minimalist portraits are often a focus on young people and the subcultures they immerse themselves, musicians, actors and skateboarders. A study to explore the gender binary and push the boundaries of masculinity and femininity.