People's Park, N/A
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Ballantine Books, 1969. Softcover. 128 pages. 21,5 x 23,5 cm. Text in English. Used. VG · In good condition with rubbing on the cover (as shown)  In April of 1969 very extraordinary people of Berkeley occupied a piece of land belonging to the state-owned University of California, in Berkeley, to build a park. But at 4am, on what became known as ‘Bloody Thursday’, 250 Highway Patrol and Berkeley police officers took over the park. "Here for a brief moment in time, people were together. All kinds of people who came together to build a park - a park for children and their mothers, for old people, for lovers, for everyone.  Th photographs in this book are the record of this extraordinary event. The photographs, professionals and amateur, were a par of it and, because they were, they bring and intimacy and intensity to their work that makes it more than photo journalism. They cared and they made this record of what they cared about."