L'HOTEL, Sophie Calle

Editions de l'etoile, 1984. Softcover with dust jacket. 108 pages. 20 x 17 cm. Text in French. Used. VG · Cover shows minor signs of wear. Dull upper corner. An iconic conceptual work art. Impressive, obviously! In 1981 Sophie Calle found work as a waitress in a hotel in Venice. With access to the rooms, she was rummaging through the suitcases, reading open letters and taking photographs of the rooms in the absence of guests, documenting the unmarked beds, objects, belongings, clothing...Published three years later, in 1984, this amazing square book contains his notes of his observations, texts of an imagined/unreliable reconstruction of the lives of the guests, as well as her beautiful photographs.We like too many photos to choose just one. A nightgown suspended between two beds, the banana and a cup of coffee or the Pope sharing table with Snoopy, the tennis player.Enjoy the voyeur effect! A legend and a really special book!