The Alternative Communal Life in New America, William Hedgepeth & Dennis Stock
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Collier Books, 1970. Softcover. 192 pages. 28 x 20,5 cm. Text in English. Used. VG · Minor signs of wear.  William Hedgepeth and photoessayist Dennis Stock offer in this amazing book a sensitive and astute penetration in depth into the commune culture of the 70s, from its roots among young dropouts in Haight-Ashbury to its outcroppings in the form of half-hidden youth communities throughout the American countryside. The Alternative is an exploration into thriving netherworld of revolution-minded persons who turned tribal and reverting to "primitive" conditions of survival as part of their serious search for the most viable shape that human life must take in days to come. Then and now, ether you view the communal movement as an adventure or as a threat ultimately depends on your own personal view of the future ;)