The love in the sex life, Sha Kokken
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Ikeda, 1968. Puffy cover in slide box case. 165 pages. 28 x 23 cm. Text in Japanese, English and German.Used. VG · Slip covers slightly stained.  This book, ooh this book! A very surreal book :) Ok, here a book that will make you wonder if you accidentally picked up a self-help guide instead of erotica. Kokken's advice to "cultivate a deep love for ourselves and our partners" may leave readers scratching their heads and wondering if they should be reciting affirmations instead of getting it on. While the book may be well-intentioned, it's hard not to chuckle ^_^ Those aluminium foils have us totally crazy!! And there is a flower, yes! sometimes represents a vagina and sometimes a penis. Weird and wacky! So, if you're looking for steamy tips to spice up your love life, you might want to look elsewhere than Kokken's book.