Buffalo '66, Vincent Gallo
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Brain Wirkers/B.R. Circus, 1999. Softcover. 87 pp. 30.5x19 cm. Text in Japanesse. VG+. This book is among the coolest movie books. Featuring stills from the film, character profiles and more. The best Japanese Buffalo 66 piece out there! A super nice film book! This is a visual book of the autobiographical film "Buffalo '66" directed, written, starred, music, and art by Gallo. Released in 1998, this film follows the tumultuous journey of Billy Brown, portrayed by Gallo himself, a recently released ex-convict on a quest for personal redemption. The film's raw and unfiltered portrayal of Billy's struggles, combined with Gallo's distinctive directorial style, creates an emotionally charged atmosphere. "Buffalo '66" is a visceral exploration of loneliness, love, and the human capacity for transformation, leaving an indelible mark on audiences with its unique blend of dark humor and genuine pathos.