Andy Warhol cinema, N/A
Carré · Centre Pompidou, 1990. Softcover. 272 pages. 25,5 x 21 cm. Text in French. Used. VG · Minor signs of wear. Slight loss to margins only, light rubbing at cover (as shown) Catalogue published on the occasion of an Andy Warhol cinema retrospective in Le Centre Pompidou (Paris, 1990). The films Andy Warhol made in the 1960s are among the most significant works in the career of this prolific and mercurial American artist. In the short span of five years, from 1963 through 1968, Warhol produced nearly 650 films, including hundreds of silent Screen Tests, or portrait films, and dozens of full-length movies, in styles ranging from minimalist avant-garde to commercial “sexploitation.” In 1970, the artist withdrew his films from distribution; for the next twenty years, most critics and scholars could only reconstruct these works from reviews and other verbal accounts. The Pompidou Centre Andy Warhol Cinema book shows how Warhol’s films have been highly important for their radical explorations beyond the frontiers of conventional cinema. A very original publication design. Softcover of 265 pages but many of those pages are bisected across the middle, enabling the reader to create his own photomontages or collages with the great stills of his films. Plus amazing covers with circular cut-outs.